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We specialize in terrazzo restoration and maintenance.

Terrazzo flooring is a mixture of marble aggregate and portland cement.

Terrazzo provides a cool and beautiful seamless floor. 

Over time, terrazzo may begin to dull, or may have damage, due to previous tack strips. 

You may also notice cracks in your terrazzo from settlement. This is where we come in to provide our services. 

We can repair damages and cracks, and bring that worn and dull finish back to life. 

We restore terrazzo by diamond grinding and polishing, leaving it with a gleaming finish.

Restoration and maintenance at an affordable cost to you.

We serve Pinellas county and provide free estimates.

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Is your beautiful terrazzo hiding under some carpet or tile? Let us uncover that beauty and give it a make over. Terrazzo was installed over concrete sub floor in most block homes. It's generally about 2 inches thick. Terrazzo was used frequently in the years of early 1950's  through early 1970's. It helps keep the house cool and is absolutely stunning when given some TLC. 

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Our Mission

Our mission at Mr Terrazzo, is to provide a professional and quality service, at an affordable price.

Nothing short of satisfaction from our customers is what we work hard for. 

We are family owned and operated. If you schedule an estimate, you will be meeting with the person who will be restoring your floor. We are fully transparent and go over what to expect at each consultation.

Reliability and good customer service is important to us.


Serving Pinellas County

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